Family Guy Shocks Fans With Death of Brian

Last night we lost one of America’s favorite singing, drinking, intellectual, bad book writing talking dogs Brian Griffin. After eleven and a half years of being on the show, creator Seth Macfarlane decided it was time to kill off a key character in the hit animated show “Family Guy”. The episode ended with his death and with a new dog voiced my a character in the Sopranos. Apparently this dog will take Brian’s place. Fans were shocked and appalled at the unexpected death of the dog and petitions and hate mail has already been in circulation to the shows creators.

A lot of fans were totally upset about the death of such an iconic character but I think it is great. Family Guy is such a fast paced show. By fast paced I mean it is able to stay relevant to current pop culture topics and satire them the way no other show can. Granted it is sad to see Brian go, I’m sure its not the last time he will make an appearance on the show.

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