Fantasy Football, a Waste of Time or a Good Escape?

With football season heating up, Fantasy Football leagues begin their games as well. Millions of people participate in this online gaming for fun or for money. However, even though this online fantasy game has millions of followers, there is a bad reputation for those who play it as being “too involved” Is that truly the case though? Or does it all depend on personality?

While I myself am a participant in Fantasy Football, whenever I mention it, it always seems there is a common misconception about those participating in leagues as being obsessive and ridiculous fans that sit in front of their TVs and computers all day to make sure the players on their team are doing well. While I am sure those players do exist as they do in all gaming worlds and fan bases, I think that generally Fantasy Football players have been given a false image of who they actually are and how they act. These players are indeed big fans of football but they still go on living and doing everyday things. It’s not the end of the world if their team loses a game.

Overall, Fantasy Football players are the same as every other person with a passion. They are all just able to join together in an online world of their own teams to watch it as it would be if they were coaching. Its a good place for them to apply their love of the sport and bond with friends. Its just a different world for you to create your dream team and see how well they do when it comes to game time, like they say “A little competition never hurt anybody.”


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