Father of Newtown Shooter Speaks to the New Yorker

The nation was shocked back in December of 2012 when news broke out that a gunman had gone on a shooting spree at a small elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. We can all recall back to the news stories, just before Christmas, as families waiting in fear at the local fire station hoping to see their children. Many were left only to find out that their kids would not be coming home. Twenty children and six staff members were killed in the horrific accident. The shooter, Adam Lanza, killed himself and his mother as well.

In The New Yorker this week Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza, shared his first public interview since the incident. Peter explained that he is haunted by what happened. After meeting with several families of the victims he decided that he sincerely wished his son had never been born. A tragic thought to hear a father say about his son but the pain Adam Lanza caused to so many families validates it.

Peter said in the interview that he believed the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome covered what was really schizophrenia. Growing up Adam Lanza was always a peculiar child but his parents just saw it as part of the syndrome because there were never any signs of violence. In the two years leading up the shooting Peter rarely communicated with Adam. He was divorced from Adam’s mother Nancy and believes that she shielded him as his condition worsened.

Peter Lanza’s decision to speak out now was a moral obligation. He hopes to prevent future Newtown occurences. He wants his story to help the families of the victims.

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