Feminism: Equality to an Extent

Susan J. Douglas expresses in her “Girls Gone Anti-Feminist” article that the very acknowledged idea of feminism is slightly diminishing as more women are becoming anti feminist. Women have certainly made a name for themselves in society within the last 30 years. It is now common to see a women directing a business meeting with new clients, holding the gavel in the courtroom, or a top contributor to this country’s politics. For years, women have been fighting for their rights to not just be a stay at home mom, under the dominion of the father. Feminism was the concept to explain exactly this: equality between genders. However, I feel that some ladies have gone too far with the women’s rights movement to the point that now, some people even make a mockery of it. Douglas says it perfectly when she writes that “feminist’s are stereotyped as man hating, unattractive, humorless, hairy, child loathing lesbians”. Today’s society may even add “air headed” to the mix with internet meme’s such as “What are we? Women! What do we want? We don’t know! When do we want it? Now!”. Thus, we now live in a world where anti-feminism is beginning to take over. Girls still want fake breasts, fake nails, fake hair, and to splurge on the newest Michael Kors bag. Not to mention, we are exploited for our bodies and it is allowed. Women want to feel beautiful and desired by men, so they do whatever they can to stay looking young and fit. I for one believe that is possible to be both the hottest, tallest women in the room and still have the Harvard degree or own the company. I cannot say what is next for women, but we will always strive for the next best thing, just as our male counterpart.

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