Final Four Weekend is in Full Swing in Arlington, Texas

With April beginning, the last round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, known as the “Final Four”, has finally arrived! As people rue their busted brackets, they move toward placing bets on which team will win it all.  This year, the four teams who have survived up to this point are the Florida Gators, Wisconsin Badgers, Connecticut Huskies, and the Kentucky Wildcats.

In the first game, the No. 1 overall seeded Florida Gators (36-2) will take on the No. 7 seed Connecticut Huskies (30-8).  The Huskies handed the Gators one of their only two losses all season on Dec. 5, 2013; the Gators have not lost a game since, winning 30 in a row.  The biggest factor for Connecticut will be their highly-touted Point Guard, Shabazz Napier.  Averaging 17.4 Points Per Game (PPG), Napier has carried the Huskies past very tough teams throughout the tournament, including Michigan State and Villanova. This should be a very intriguing matchup.

In the second contest, the No. 2 seeded Wisconsin Badgers will battle the No. 8 seed Kentucky Wildcats. Over the past few weeks, Wisconsin has consistently reminded people why they should be taken seriously.  The Badgers knocked off American University, Oregon, Baylor, and the No. 1 Arizona Wildcats.  However, the Wildcats of Kentucky are looking to prove themselves to be a legitimate threat as well. Kentucky has stacked their resume with notable wins over Kansas State, Wichita State, the defending national champions of Louisville and last year’s runner up, Michigan.  Kentucky’s “big three”: Julius Randle, along with twins, Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison, will make things very difficult for the Badgers with their quick-transition attack. This will also be a tough one to pick.

Both games will take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, April 5.

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