Finding a job as a college student or recent graduate

Looking for a job right now is very difficult, especially for someone that is just coming out of college. Anyone who has access to the internet can go online and visit websites such as and CareerBuilder, but often these sites have jobs that are posted by companies that have high turnover or are known as “bad companies.” So how is someone supposed to find a job when they are still in college or about to be a college graduate?

Right now social networking is huge. Going out into the community and meeting people is key to finding a job in today’s society. Social networking events are put on by companies like Red Carpet Monday and the Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Often these events cost a hefty fee to gain access to, but what many college students don’t know is that often these places offer student discounts or let students in for free if you contact them. It is important to attend these types of events because it is a good way to meet business professionals from all different types of industries.

Interning is also a good way to make connections in the community. Internships are offered not only through school programs, but also independently. Internships are offered in fall, spring, and the summer time. These internships usually last four to five months and often these positions lead to jobs if the intern does an excellent job during their time at the company. Supervisors connect with their interns, and want to help them find jobs.

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Career centers are offered usually at very university. Individuals that work at career centers can help students or recent college graduates perfect their resumes, interview correctly, and find jobs at companies that have good reputations and are legitimate. Also, career centers have websites, such as KnightLink at UCF, where students can go online at home and look for jobs posted specifically for students that are about to graduate or that need internships.

Finally, students or recent college graduates can find jobs through job fairs. University of Central Florida holds an average of 2-3 job fairs a semester where companies from the Orlando area come to the school and allow students to submit a resume and come and talk to them. These career fairs can lead to wonderful positions.

Even though finding a good job seems difficult, there are resources out there for students or recent college graduates that can really help in the search.

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