Finding the Right Spot: How a Student Found Study Solace

Where are you most productive? Do you need to work in total quiet or do you like some background noise? Sometimes I end up in the most awkward places at the most inconvenient times in search of a productive hour or more. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. As a freshman, I was used to studying at home (what little I did) but when I came to the University of Central Florida, the game completely changed.

In my first few months I tried it all. I felt like Goldilocks. The bottom floor of the library was too busy, and all the upper floors were to quiet. I’d get a dirty look just for walking up there. The Student Union is of course organized chaos and fighting for a seat wasn’t worth suffering through three chapters of American Government. I felt the same about the bookstore, with the added obligation to buy something.

The worst spot for me was my dorm room. I loved my roommate, but he didn’t know quiet. He and his girlfriend were often in and out during all hours of the night. The squealing of the hinges and eventual slam of the door on his way out were nails to my chalkboard. He taught me all about EDM. I like it…in small doses…particularly not during homework time. This brought me to the doors of All Knight Study. Like an Immigrant to Ellis Island. Tired and Weary at 5am. The lounge feel was great…for a while.

Suddenly it became too loud and crowded. Without a desk in front of me, I was quick to turn to other distractions. Soon I moved off campus and All Knight Study was too inconvenient for me. I needed to be near my classes. Thus began my love affair with the Collaboration Lab in Tech Commons. It’s quiet because everyone’s on a computer, but not too quiet. It has a great central location, and desks! I’ve been frequenting the spot for a while, but even now my tastes are changing, and I think I’ve found another exclusive study spot hidden away somewhere else. 

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