Five People Shot During a Black Lives Matter Protest

Five individuals were shot at a black lives matter rally in Minnesota. Racial tensions in the city of Minneapolis have been off the charts after police shot and killed a twenty-four year old African American man named Jamar Clark about a week and a half ago; that incident triggered the black community to start a justice rally immediately after the event.  To protesters’ surprise, the rally was interrupted by three men who opened fire at them shooting at least five folks who were participating in the rally. Witnesses say around a dozen protesters tried to push back the three men who opened fire at the crowd.

People in Minneapolis woke up the next day to headlines like police seeking three white male suspects in the shooting of five black lives matter protesters. No one was surprised at the published news headlines. Moreover, police claim Jamar Clark (the reason of the rally) was a suspect in an assault case. The twenty-four year old fought with police officials leading to the gun fire that killed him. Eyewitnesses came out and said Clark was handcuffed during the shooting. State investigators announced the officer had no body or dashboard cam; however, cellphones and surveillance cameras captured portions of the encounter between Clark and the police.

Protesters in Minneapolis are demanding the release of those videos and will not stop their protest until they get what they want.  The protesters participating in the black live matter rally in Minnesota will continue their uproar until justice is served and say they will not be intimidated by the incident they faced, the event has made them stronger and closer to serve justice to their community.

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