Florida Lottery Winners Turned Good Samaritans

What would you do with $1 million? Would you spend it all on yourself and fancy things? Would you give it all to charity? Would you save it? It’s hard to say what you would do with all of that money when you’re not in that position but these Florida realtors did some of each.

A few days ago, a group of coworkers in a real estate company in Plantation, Florida decided to do a pool for the lottery and found out that they were indeed winners. With $1 million they did a multitude of things like buying a car, a new house, and even eye surgery but their good deeds are landed them in the news.

One of their coworkers was not a part of the pool because she just started working there and was not informed, obviously, about this. Their decision was amazing. They decided to add her in to their pool after their winnings and split the money with her as well. Not too many people would do this especially if she was not there from the beginning. They also did things like giving a $100 tip to a waiter at a restaurant. When he was interviewed he mentioned how grateful he was for them and how he was so thankful for their tip and their good hearts. The biggest thing that they did with their money was donating majority of their money to a local charity. The community was in shock but very appreciative of not just their money but the people as a whole.

Stories like these are always heart-warming and they also give you hope for the world. There are, in fact, still good, selfless people out there and here were just a few of them.

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