For Better or Worse

The internet has become a main source for finding information. It has all but almost taken over print sources. Even most of the print sources these days are at our finger tips. I can’t even count the times a day that I use the term “Google it.” It is like an addiction, so much information at our fingertips it’s hard to resist accessing it. While this information is nice to have, it is also making us very lazy and makes us find ourselves cutting to the point instead of actually reading through all the information like what would of been needed in the past.

The information online really does seem to be a god send, but at the same time it has made us scrolling an searching for the best and shortest explanation of an article that we can find. Even I catch myself looking at titles thinking that it sounds interesting, then I se how many pages or the word count and I suddenly lose interest because for some reason I can’t spare the extra two to five minutes to read through everything. Instead that time is used searching for a more brief explanation of the same thing I was interested in.

I do not believe that the internet is making anybody less intelligent. It has brought so much more information to people than having to do it the old-fashioned way. Back before the internet articles would have to be found in libraries or through magazines, which would actually take a quite a bit more time than just hoping on the internet to find the info. I believe that the internet is guilty of many things, most of all would be laziness, but overall it has actually broadened the horizon many people who would have to did not want to put forth the effort to find the information they needed.

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