From AOL to Feminism

I remember when my parents brought home our first family computer and they set up an AOL account for me. At that time, I totally thought that I could rule the world and the biggest worry I had to face were parental controls. I thoroughly enjoyed logging on to my account and hearing “You’ve got mail,” an America Online Signature. After I checked my inbox of 1 or 2 emails from family members I would begin reading AOL news for kids. I would read the current events going on in the world; I would read about famous celebrities, probably like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or Britney Spears. Regardless of whom the articles and stories were about I thought that they were the most important people in the world and that’s what I thought feminism was. I really truly thought that feminism was being a teen celebrity or song artist. Today, I have a much different view. However, some people to this day may think that the Olsen twins, deranged druggies with eating disorders, are feminists, but I truthfully cannot see why. I can kind of see why some may think that Britney Spears may have tried to be a feminist when she cut off all of her hair, but she was truly just going through a hard time and that’s how she dealt with it. Regardless of what others may think about these cool stars I once looked up to, they are no longer idols to me, they are not people I strive to be. My opinion and definition of feminism are woman with high power, not afraid of anything and are willing to keep taking challenges while still juggling normal life hardships.

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