Glee Star Dances to the Top: Amber Riley Wins Dancing with the Stars

The hit ABC show, Dancing with the Stars claimed their newest champion. Glee star, Amber Riley danced her way to the top and took home the mirror ball trophy. Riley relied not only on the judge’s votes for her achievement but the votes of home viewers. Although she fought off maor competition, some believe that Riley’s achievement was unjust. On her hit show Glee, Riley played a high school choir student. However, Glee is famous for its outrageous performance and dance numbers. With prior in studio performance training, was it fair that Amber Riley won this season of Dancing with the Stars?

Although Glee has incorporated dance heavy numbers in the past, Amber Riley was known specifically for her fantastic vocals. She may have performed in a series of group numbers but was never asked to do the tango in front of a live audience. The practice and time that it takes to earn specific dance skills was not set aside by Riley during her time on Glee. Riley did not have prior training before her appearance on dancing with the stars and blindly entered the competition.

Dancing with the Stars has faced similar conflict in past seasons. The wide range of celebrities that make an appearance on the ABC hit may make more practiced performers appear as cheaters. Though they have danced in the past, the level of skill does not relate to the serious training they will receive on the show. Her Glee following may have given her a large amount of votes but that following would have dwindled if her skill on the show progressively weakened. Partnered with professional dancer Derek Hough, Riley was provided with the tools that she needed to win the show. How she performed the given steps was completely up to her. No amount of vocal training could possibly have prepared her for such a tough completion.

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