Gmail’s New Feature ‘Smart Reply’ Can Respond to Your Emails For You

Many Gmail users struggle to keep up with all the messages coming into their inbox, but Google is set to release a new feature that should save a lot time, and require little to no typing. Google has made sending emails easier with their new feature called Smart Reply, which will have three short response options for users to choose from when they open a new message.

The new feature will come out this month for those using the Gmail app, and you will not have to update the app. Smart Reply is contextually smart; it will read the emails and come up with replies that are unique for each received message. For example, some response suggestions may be “I’m not sure”, “I’ll check on it”, and “I’ll see if I can find out”.

Suggested responses have been around for a while, but Smart Reply’s ability to read through the content, and come up with a natural response immediately is revolutionary. Google engineers hope this will effectively save typing time for users. Two networks make up Smart Reply; one encodes messages, word by word, to get the general idea of what the message is saying. The second network uses the codes from the first network to come up with the responses.

There will be mistakes at first, but Google engineers have said that Smart Reply will improve over time based off of the responses users choose. For emails that require a more thoughtful response, Smart Reply will have options that give a jump-start for lengthy messages. No humans will read the messages, so privacy is guaranteed.

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