Google a Verb?

There is one website millions of people each day visit faithfully. We go here whenever we need an answer to a question, to look at images of ideas in our head, look up a definition, or even find people. If you have not figured it out by now, it is GOOGLE. The role of Google has been changing and increasing as we have gotten older. What did we do before Google? What would we do without Google? These are some questions to ponder about. As far as Google becoming a verb we will explore.

When I was in grade school, I remember getting a tour of the school library. We learned how to use the computer to search for a book in the library, we learned where all the educational videos were, and we also learned about the Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia had different books and was arranged alphabetically. That was my old Google. Anything that I needed, I found there. Research papers that I had to handwrite, I cited the encyclopedia. My other resource was teachers or my parents. They had an answer that the encyclopedia did not have. I feel like if I was to ask my Mom a question she would respond, “What do I look like, GOOGLE?”

We get all of our answered through Google. That company has grown so large throughout the years. Without Google, we would be lost. We would probably replace it and use Yahoo. I do not think we would go back to looking up answers through a book. As far as Google goes though, we have given it such a huge role in our lives. We use it so much I believe Google should be a verb! A perfect definition for Google would be something like this: To look up information for personal needs on a specific website. Lastly, here is a context sentence: I am going to “Google” that topic when I get home. Think about it!

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