Google is Making the World a Stupid Place: It is Taking Our Natural Intelligence and Replacing it With Artificial Intelligence

In my academic career, it is difficult to distinguish what I have learned from school and what I have learned from Google. If ever I am at a dilemma, I simply get on Google and find the answers to whatever I need; Google has yet to disappoint me! Nicholas Carr makes valid points in his article, Is Google Making Us Stupid. Reading books is no longer a pleasure because I cannot sit down long enough to finish the book. I know I can go on Google and get the summary of it. I also do the same with movies, even when in theaters. I get so anticipated and I do not want to wait until the end to find out what happens, so I look it up. Another point he makes is being distracted on the Internet. I go online and I’ll start using Google Scholars for an assignment, and after a couple minutes of searching my mind begins to wander. I find myself looking up a variety of things, which are completely irrelevant to the article. I can easily spend an entire day on the computer without getting any work done.

I do believe Google is making the world a stupid place. I do not retain as much information studying, being I know I have Google as a crutch if I ever need it. I did not grow up using Google; I know how to successfully utilize books if I need to do so. However, the current youth is so technology driven, they go online for everything. Google is hurting us as a people. The children are no longer our future, the Internet is.

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