Google is subjective to the Googler

Google embodies many of the stereotypes of modern Western culture. We are enthralled with instant gratification and convenience: Google provides both. Google’s visionary founders were able to foresee that our society would cling to such principles and they crafted their company in such a way that their vision was, indeed, correct. Today, Google is synonymous with gaining knowledge of almost any variety. Although the information we learn may not be obtained directly from the databases of Google but from websites that their search engines lead us to, Google is still the gate through which we must first pass. One of the most astounding aspects of this revolutionary idea is the ethical standard that planted the seed for the vision. As James Glickey put it in his article “How Google Dominates Us”, this idea is the belief of “information-‘universally accessible’-as a force for good in and of itself.” This is a powerful notion to hold as a pillar for any company let alone one that serves billions of people on a daily basis. This leads me to believe that although there may be some questionable details surrounding the company, their purpose is not to dominate or control what we do with our lives but rather to aid us in everything from the grandest plans to the most minute details of every day living. People have a choice as to how they make use of the tools that are available to them. Google is no exception to that rule. Some opt to do mean-spirited things but most people choose to live by the motto that has been adopted by the founders and employees of Google: “Don’t be evil.”

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