Google planning to release special contacts for diabetics.

It has recently been reported on various news stations and websites that Google Inc. is in the process of creating contacts that help people with diabetes check and track their blood sugar. This announcement has everyone stunned and curious. How is Google planning on accomplishing such a task through the use of contacts? The answer is quite amazing.

Google’s ambitious creation will track the users blood sugar levels through the use of their tears, saving diabetic patients from countless painful finger pricks just to check their blood sugar. Tears have been used before to test sugar levels, but has never been truly effective until now. Once the sugar levels have been tested, Google plans on implementing extremely small LED lights that will warn the user of their blood sugar is high or low.

Google has reported that this product is still very far from being released, as they require the help from medical partners and, the very difficult to obtain, clearance from the FDA. However Google has revealed that they do have a prototype and have conducted many tests so far.

If Google is able to receive the help they need and get approval from the FDA, they will not only help the daily lives of diabetics everywhere, but they will also be revolutionizing the medical world forever. As a diabetic patient, I speak for all of us when I say that I will be praying and hoping that such a revolutionary invention will be made available in the relatively near future.

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