Google: The great aggregator of internet communication

As I sit here and write this article, I laugh at myself because I remember days before internet, before cell phones; when pay phones was the order of the day and you had to pay extra to make a long distance phone call! It really tells of my age, but I have also realized that as time goes by, many people are swarming to the new communication methods used at hand. I recall when the internet became this brand new sensation and how I had to go to a college campus in a lab in order to log on via dial up at the time and cross my fingers that I could get connected. Things a certainly changed by far.

Since then, I have noticed how the way that information flows from one source to another has changed and the popular method by which it travel changes just as the wind does. But one thing that I have noticed with Google that is quite different from its other search engines competitors. It didn’t just stay in one area of communication. Originally, in my town we knew Google to be just another search engine that was rising up to rival Dogpile and Netscape. Little did we know that it would not only surpass them as a search engine, but it would come and rival many global companies.  As the article suggested, the name Google itself would become a verb. An interesting idea it was, but how would a company that was just like the rest, grow to be such a phenomenon? Easy. They were able to expand themselves as a company to surpass the expectations of what the status-quo was. Now not only are they a search engine, but now their expansions have gone into email, creating documents, video streaming et al. There is not really an avenue of technology that they don’t involve themselves in. I would even dare to say that not just involve themselves but fully capitalize themselves in a strategic position within technology. Consider cell phones and the Android Market. Google has set it up so that in order to adequately use your cell phone, you must use their mail services. This is just one of the many avenues that Google has systematically set themselves in to forever be on top of the technology curve. Smart? I think so.


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