Google vs. Journalism The beginning of a beautiful relationship!

If you don’t know the answer to a question or want to find a new recipe to impress the in-laws, most likely you have said, “I need to Google something”. This phrase has been around since Co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page created Google. This powerful web engine has elevated the tech industry for decades with making a mass audience have endless information in their fingertips.  The author  Peter Osnos establish valuable points to why newspapers and magazines stories has lost millions in advertising, subscribers, and viewers because of Google’s algorithm can’t keep the original report on top of the web engine.

The original creators should able to receive recognition for their story, but with a system that will monetize both parties; this relationship has create lawsuits, compensations and loopholes for web news websites to establish themselves as the “creators” of the original story  on Google’s web engine. I’ve Google something at least twice a day for finding events I missed without realizing who is the original author, I only cared for the content of the story, Although Google and mainstream newspaper are working together to find a solution the battle still continues.. “The algorithm need human help; otherwise, valuable traffic goes to sites that didn’t pay to create the content” This statement by the author gave me an understanding on how journalist are in a never ending battle with the internet; This battle shouldn’t disperse journalists to release the story online because each story is a battle for journalism to win the war.

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