GOP Hostility

                Some argue that the aggressiveness with which each republican candidate is attacking the other may be detrimental for the party in November’s General Election. Others say that it will lessen Obama’s chances because all of the negative aspects of the candidates will be exposed. I see both sides of the debate. If all of the bad publicity manifests itself now, then whatever Obama tries to use against the Republican candidate will seem like old news, hence forth losing the impact and effectiveness of the attack. Obama will of course go beyond the nominee and attack the entire party by claiming that republicans think the poor are “undeserving” and “we need to help the people who desperately need it”. This of course will be received well by the people because no one understands that satisfaction one may derive from actually working. As I have mentioned before our entitlement culture would rather sacrifice some freedoms and get things for “free’ (read, tax payers will pay for their ignorance). He will claim that we, as a party, are racists and intolerant, when in reality race has NOTHING to do with the frustrations toward the left. It is simply based on attitude and lack of incentive to work without foresight for the repercussions and consequences… white, black, yellow, red etc.

                The other side of the argument regarding the hostility, aggression and enmity of the GOP potential nominees would be that they are becoming their own worst enemy. All the negative publicity has been negatively affecting all four of the enduring participants (Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul). With each politician beating down the other, no one is looking strong. Newt Gingrich was quoted last night saying that Mitt Romney is the weakest front runner in the last eighty years. I love Newt, but honestly, at this point, they all need to come together and decide that Mitt Romney is the only anti-Obama candidate and just support him already! It would weaken our chances of defeating the incumbent if we do not combine forces and start supporting one excellent Republican candidate whom will surely defeat Obama.  Even as an avid GOP supporter I am not keen on any of the candidates. How can we expect an ill-informed citizen to vote for one of these candidates? Although, however uninformed one may be, he or she must know that any vote is better than a vote Mr. Obama…

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