GOP Race Coming To A Close

                This week is a huge week for the Republican Party. Today is the Wisconsin primary, and after Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, DC, will more or less conclude the race for a GOP candidate. Romney is projected to be ahead in the last two states; therefore Wisconsin is huge for him. I believe he will win today.  If Governor Romney can win then he will face Obama in the fall. The presidency will be won through the debates. The very eloquent Barrack Obama will be a formidable debater, but if the Governor can hold his own he could win the election, because after all, as I have written about before…this election is arguably the biggest and most poignant of our lifetime. This election will give the American people a choice between big oppressive government combined with dependency and income redistribution (the nanny state), and a smaller, autonomous and independent government (one in which capitalism is embraced and encouraged instead of stifled).

                This makes me think about the philosophy behind people’s attitudes and mentalities.  Where will these people derive satisfaction from their endeavors if everything is given to them? Perhaps Obama wants to debilitate people. His actions lead me to believe that he does. When you mandate dependency you subsequently gain power for your own personal satisfaction and develop a nanny state. If you let people have their dependency and autonomy you allow them to be creative. People gain and derive satisfaction from this concept; whether they realize it or not. Your worth is determined by your productivity and contributions, to your family or perhaps your work etc. But when people do not feel worthy it is usually a direct result of having something handed to you, or when one is not productive and lazy. What scares me the most is that some people may not realize this. Has technology and the advent of so many new things changed our mentalities so drastically that people do not and maybe will not realize this? Giving Obama free rein by actually voting for him?! This would be a travesty. We all need to look at this from a philosophical approach. The choices we make in November could impact not only ourselves but also generations here after very profoundly. If we do not make the right choice we may be facing a very different America. An America certainly, and I can say this affirmatively, in which we do not have the freedoms that we hold so dearly. It has begun already. Nothing in life is for free (tax payer will pay for most of it). When the government gives you things how else can we repay a debt but by sacrificing and relinquishing our freedoms…

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