GoPro Looking At Getting Into The Quadcopter Market

It should come to no surprise that the massive action camera company GoPro is looking into getting a piece of the quadcopter market share. They just recently released a teaser video showing what they claim to be raw footage straight from the camera and not stabilized in post.

If it is indeed unaltered footage, then it looks like GoPro has done their homework on their new quadcopter. The footage looks very smooth and doesn’t have the micro vibrations that you traditionally see in quadcopter footage. It makes a lot of sense for GoPro to go this route. Most of the quadcopters out right now use GoPros as the camera. It was just a matter of time before they decided to build a quad of their own.

Currently there are no photos or renderings of what this new quadcopter will look like but with results like what we are seeing so far, I’m not sure people will really care what it looks like. DJI, who makes arguably the most popular GoPro ready quadcopter on the market in the Phantom, won’t win any awards for looks, although their new Inspire certainly could.

GoPro is kind of taking a page out of DJI’s play book. DJI’s quadcopters traditionally used GoPro’s cameras. But recently DJI decided to build a camera of their own with pretty impressive results. GoPro is doing the opposite, they have the camera, they just need a vehicle to mount it to, so they have decided to build their own. It’ll be interesting to see what features GoPro includes in their copter and what their price point will be and if they can dethrone DJI as the goto quadcopter.

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