Gov. Christie Under Investigation for Misuse of Hurricane Sandy Funds

After recently coming into the spotlight for a scandal that caused a week long traffic jam in Fort Lee, NJ, Governor Chris Christie is under fire once again.  A federal investigation has been started by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to see if Gov. Christie wrongfully used funds set aside for Hurricane Sandy relief.  The 25 million dollars in question was set aside for an advertising campaign to try to help the Jersey shore bounce back from Hurricane Sandy and try to drum up more tourism.  Critics of Christy are saying that he, instead of using the money to advertise his state, advertised himself, using the funds to boost his approval before his upcoming re-election race.  The investigation will look into the bidding process that took place before the ads were made.  The company that won the contract was a very politically connected company that agreed to make ads that would star Governor Christy, his wife and his children for a price of 4.1 million dollars.  This seems suspicious because other ad agencies were offering to make similar ad campaigns that would only cost 2.5 million dollars, but these campaigns did not feature Gov. Christy and his family as the stars.  That is the reason, Christie’s critics say, that the cheaper agencies were not chosen.  These allegations, along with the recent traffic fiasco, have marred Governor Christies reputation as a politician.  It will be interesting to find out how these scandals affect him when he runs for the presidential nomination in 2016.


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