Government’s Problem with Militias: The repercussion of backing down

Recently in Nevada, a cattle rancher who has refused to pay the federal government for the use of their land, had his cattle returned to him by the FBI as protestors and militia members threatened to cause mass violence and loss of life on both sides. Federal agents decided to step down as opposed to risk armed confrontation with various right-winged militia members who made their way to the rancher’s aid.

The federal government believes that the cost to taxpayers for the use of the land without permission ranges to the millions of dollars over the decades. After failing to adhere to a court order, agents started to seize the cattle on federal land, which sparked protests and the appearance of various militia groups with the sole purpose of stopping the government’s execution of the law. It is totally reasonable that the federal agents stepped down from an armed conflict of a large group of American citizens. Such violence would only give like-minded people the reason they desperately want to resort to violence against government officials and organizations.

However, with the government backing away from the fight, they have given these militias a victory that they will use as a president to continue their resistance of elected government. There is really no quick victory the U.S. government can have in a situation such as this. If they fight, they will be killing the American public they are suppose to serve, while if they do nothing, these militias will continue their bullying and destructive ways against the very system they use to justify their actions. Our only real hope is that popular opinion of these militias will define them as bullies, and drain any public support they may have.

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