Governor Rick Scott brings in New Transportation to the New Year

Recently in the news, Governor Rick Scott stated that he was going touse over $200 million dollars to add trains to the Orlando International Airport. He is planning to spend this money to build a new station at the OIA that could potentially have multiple trains. This would include a privately financed one that would like Central and South Florida. Scott has stated that he has set aside $123 million in his budget this year and if he was re-elected, he will put the remainder into action. Airport officials last year contacted Scott, seeking more than $200 million from state to build the depot about a mile south of the existing main terminal.

Scott said he is confident the Legislature will approve his request for the airport because the depot will create jobs and increase tourism. Last year, the state attracted a record 94.7 million tourists.

The station also would have space for a potential future spur of the SunRail commuter train scheduled to start operating in May and for one other train, possibly the proposed magnetically levitated system from the airport to the Orange County Convention Center. It seems that this would be a great opportunity not only for the Orlando area but for the State of Florida as well.

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