Group Projects Can’t Be That Bad…Right?

The dreaded group project! Ughh it has haunted the likes of those before us and will haunt the lives of those after ours. Up until 3 weeks ago I could honestly say i had never had a bad experience with a group project assignment. The people in my group worked hard, we always stayed in contact, and always got a good grade. even some friendships were forged through these wondrous group projects. I am truly sad to say I just had my first bad group project experience. I was totally appalled when no one would respond to group text or post progress reports of their work, or even set up a meeting time. Apparently  I have been spoiled. At the end of the day though the work got done and my world fit right side up again.

I know group projects are supposed to get you out of your comfort zone and put you in a position where you have to learn how to work with people for one common goal to be successful but in the “real world” are things really that dependent on another persons work ethic? How can you be scaled valuable or graded for true work as a group if everyone has not worked as a group equally? To be honest, if your in  a group of five persons and only two people do the work it shoes you have work ethic because you did get it done but the overall basic goal of working in a group was not met so what was the point?

I think the answer for that is that life isn’t fair. There will always be someone who does less work and gets further but as ling as you are building your own work ethic it will be noticed in time. Maybe that’s whats the real goal of a group project is. I do feel bad for those who have always encountered bad groupmates and had to weather the long hard journey alone but it will all be worth it!

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