Growing Tired or Are We Just Growing Up?

I’m not sure if it is the fact that we are nearing the end of the school year that wares me out or if it is because I am getting closer to what “real life” is going to be.  After this semester, I have only a year left until I get my degree.  It is pretty scary to think about.  What will the real world be like?

I’ve been taking a full load of college classes since I was in high school, and even some classes in the summer.  I have rarely gotten a break that did not consist of work or school at some point.  I’m not complain, I like keeping myself busy and doing something productive.  It might be the fact that it’s already half way through the spring semester too.  But I have been more tired and almost wore out lately.  Like I never have a day to myself, it is always this or that that needs to be done.

Is this because of me going for so long, or ware the pressures of adult life actually starting for me?  I have credit card payments, gas, food and getting to school everyday to worry about as well as a job.  I feel like I have the same lifestyle as a lot of people my age.  But the closer I get to graduation and starting my own life, the more real everything becomes.  So far balancing school and everything else has been fairly easy.  Now the juggling act is becoming harder with more obstacles to cycle around.

Life is not a free ride, and I am ready to take on whatever I can… But man am I tired.

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