Guns. Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

So we are now 25 days into 2014, and all I see in the news is guns! There have been 14 days of school so far and 8 school shootings! That is more than one every other day! Not to mention, a shooting today, January 25th, in the Columbia Mall in Columbia, Maryland. Howard County Police say they found 3 people dead, including the shooter, but are still doing a thorough search of the mall as I am writing this blog post. Although this shooting is sad and unnecessary, along with the hundreds more that have happened in several cities and neighborhoods across the nation just in 2014, I want to focus on school shootings this year. As I stated earlier, 8 school shootings in only 14 days of school. That is 101% unacceptable! This is a list of the school shootings so far this year:

  • Liberty Technology Magnet School, January 9: one student shot
  • Berrendo Middle School, January 14: two students shot
  • Albany High School, January 17: one student shot
  • Delaware Valley Charter Elementary, January 17: two students shot
  • Widener University, January 20: one student shot
  • Purdue University, January 21: one person shot and killed
  • Wakefield Elementary, January 21: one person shot
  • South Carolina State University, January 24: one person shot and killed

Apart from the school shootings listed above, there has also been several near misses. A few are:

  • An eighth grader was arrested in Georgia last week after he brought a gun to school on consecutive days and robbed a classmate.
  • Portland police rushed to an area high school after a student was reportedly showing off his gun to a fellow classmate during lunch.
  •  Four teenagers were arrested after they were seen pointing a gun at a school bus in Norfolk, VA.

Clearly there is a need for gun regulation.

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