Halloween Horror Nights 2013: Scary or Repetitive?

America’s premier Halloween event is back again this year.  Halloween Horror Nights celebrates its twenty-third year of creating monsters and scaring guests.  For twenty-three years Universal Studios Orlando has opened its doors during the Halloween season (late September through early November) allowing guests to experience terror first-hand.

People from all over the world come to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida during this season to see what thrills and scares the makers of Halloween Horror Nights have put together.  Every year there is a centralized theme; which is reflected in the many haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park.  This year’s theme was “What Evil has taken root?”  The story behind this theme chronicles the events of a lone blogger who is investigating horrible and unexplained happenings in the woods that have taken root.  The haunted houses relatively mirrored this years’ theme.  Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, Havoc Derailed, An American Werewolf in London, Resident Evil, La Llorona, and After Life were this years houses, most of which were set in wooded areas.  However, the scare zones were very out of place.

At last year’s Halloween Horror Nights, The Walking Dead made its premiere as both a haunted house and scare zone.  As the AMC series is very popular, the hype surrounding last year’s event was elevated.  The novelty, in my opinion, wore off this year.  The event coordinators relied too heavily on the popularity of the zombies and over did it.  The houses were frightening and at the beginning of the night the scare zones matched that intensity.  After walking through one scare zone and going through two haunted houses, the zombies were predictable and more comical than scary.

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