Halloween Horror Night’s Houses, Scare Zones, and More!

So this blog post is being dedicated to this year’s HHN 2015! You ready???

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Orlando Fl will be celebrating its 25th year!!! This year they’ll have 9 houses & 5 scare zones…


The houses will be:

The Walking Dead, The Purge, Freddy vs Jason, Insidious, An American Werewolf in London, 25 Years of Monster Mayhem , Run, Blood, Sweat, & Fears, Asylum in Wonderland, & Body Collections.

The scare zones will be:

Shadybrook Asylum, criminally insane inmates have escaped

Icons, all the scariest icons from the last 25 years are back

Scary Tells, classical fairytales gone sinister

Evil Roots, every imaginable creature scary

All Nite Die- Inn, a drive in gone terribly wrong


HHN 2015 will be from Sept. 18- Nov. 1

My favorite part about going to HHN, besides to be scared, is the production! I seriously love how they make everything come together and because of their great work and dedication is why it’s so successful. I used to watch the behind the scenes of it on TV once. They show how they use a BUNCH of cameras to let scarers know when people are coming to pop out or make certain effects happen right. The costuming, makeup, all of it… I just find it so cool!! The one that FREAKS ME OUT are the men with chainsaws. LOL I’m seriously that girl that when she hears the sound behind her, I run like there’s no tomorrow. Forreal, I’m. that. girl. It’s so embarrassing lol but I don’t know why the sound just makes me jump. I guess the funniest part (for people to watch, not myself) is that when the men go behind me and make the noise and I run… you’d think they see me running, they stop. NO. NO NO NO NO. NO they don’t lol. They chase me. I seriously have no sense of direction because when I’m running everybody else is trying to scare me too, so I remember specifically last year… I hugged a stranger lol. Super embarrassing but it’s hilarious to see. So if you’re scared of going to HHN don’t worry, there’s always a bunch of ME’s running around screaming and it’s pretty funny to watch other people get scared.

It closes around 2am and sometimes lines run about to 2 hours so try to plan accordingly! Whether you go with family or with friends it’s a great time! I hate getting scared but it really is fun to go and experience. They also have a few rides open.

Mummy, Spiderman, Rip Ride Rock It, & Transformers, Despicable Me, etc. They didn’t do it last year but one year they had people scaring you from inside the Mummy Ride, so just beware! Bring comfy shoes because there will be tons of walking, mostly standing in lines.

The tickets of prices are usually around $60, however, they have some deal where if you go a bunch of times it’s cheaper. BUY YOUR TICKET ONLINE!!! This saves you so much, don’t wait in line because it will take forever. There’s already a long line with people that have their tickets already.

If you’re trying to get something to eat, right outside Universal is Citywalk. They have a bunch of restaurants & fun things to do. I usually just eat before I go and when I leave I’m so exhausted, I pass out on the ride home.

Website down below for more info!


Have fun! Til next time! (:



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