Has the internet helped bring light to the evil in the world?

The internet has been able to connect many people from different parts of the world. It has also connected us closer to our government than every before. We as citizens have been able to shed light on areas in our government that would’ve been kept secret if we didn’t have the resources like the internet today. This has also helped countries around the world show us what is really going on where they live and how the government is treating them wrongly. So many countries are being attacked by their government and have no help, but because of the internet allowing people to blog and post videos we are able to help these people overcome these issues.

Egypt was under attack by their government, but we as the US did not know until a citizen from there took a stand by blogging and posting videos of what was really going on behind closed doors. This has been a true blessing in disguise. Even though it can have negative affects for the people that step up and speak out it helps overall bring justice to situations that deserve it. Not only in other countries, but right here in our place we call home the internet has helped save and rescue people. From posts that can track missing people and find them to catching evil predators that use the internet for the wrong purposes. The internet has helped in many ways bring light to the evil in this world and the governments that are corrupt.

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