Heart Attack May Have Attributed To Houstons Death

Almost two months after the shocking death of Whitney Houston the Los Angeles coroner reported that Houston’s death was accidental, but last week officials stated they suspect she might have suffered a heart attack before her accidental drowning.  The toxicology report preformed on Houston showed traces of cocaine and marijuana, as well as Xanax, Benadryl and Flexeril that could be attributed to the heart attack that ultimately led to her drowning.  Houston joined the ranks of a long list of troubled celebrities to die to young, and like her counterparts fell into the same social commentary and spotlight.  We have a tendency in this country to berate and hound on celebrities for their issues, analyzing and criticizing their every move and action, but when they die it’s as if everything we spent their living days criticizing is forgotten.  For years leading up until their deaths the media did nothing but tear down celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, but as soon as the die all that is focused on is their talents and what they contributed to the world throughout their lives.  Why is it that it takes their deaths to garner this type of attention?  All the negative publicity can really manage to do is drive them further into their addictions and issues.  While I have no factual evidence to back my assertion, it is my belief that it was the pressure to preform and revive their tarnished names that led to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s continued drug use to find some sense of peace.  With a slue of other celebrities following down the same path (Lindsay Lohan anyone?) I would like to see the media and public try and take a more supportive approach that won’t build pressure on those already in between a rock and a hard place.  I do agree that celebrities should be held to a higher standard, and do feel that they put themselves in the situations they find themselves in, but that doesn’t mean that we should add fuel to the fire.

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