Hennessey Venom GT becomes fastest car in the world.

The Hennessey Venom GT broke the record as the fastest car in the world hitting the 270.49 miles per hour mark this past Valentines Day at the Kennedy Space Center. The NASA landing strip in Cape Canaveral was the location selected to test the power of this lightning-fast Hennessey beast after one less successful attempt in 2013 didn’t allow the Venom to reach more than 265.7 mph as the 2.9 mile long runway at Naval Air Station Lemoore in California was too short for the task.

VBox reported that the Venom GT is powered by a 7.0-litre twin-turbo GM-sourced V8, and accelerated from 20mph to 120mph in just 7.71 seconds. Later, it went from 120mph to 220mph in a fraction of under ten seconds. The remaining 10 more mph were achieved in the next ten seconds. Although the numbers don’t lie, there are certain factors that make this record not accepted by Guinness, like the 30-unit-production quota Hennessey must meet for the the Venom GT (they only made 30), and also the fact that the 265.7mph record needed to be double checked by running the car on both directions to compensate for the wind.

The Venom GT stands above of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which prevailed as the fastest production car in the world with a record of 269.86 mph, a title that the Volkswagen company will certainly try to win back.

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