Here Comes Football Season: The Implications

There is a veritable amount of people looking forward to the upcoming football season whether it is collegiate or professional. Outside of the fact that football in media offers millions of people entertainment throughout the week, it struck me that a simple game like this is pumping money into the economy, giving people jobs and creating new outlets for further monetary opportunity.

When you add up ticket sales, merchandise sales and media views the sport of football brings in billions of dollars yearly, believe it or not. This makes it one of the largest industries in the world, not bad for a game. When you count in the fact that people spend their time as well as their money on games, it shows the importance it has to our economy and society.

The job opportunity within the football associations also creates a large impact in the country. Stadium operators, media outlets, merchandisers, these are all huge zones for job need and opportunity. Many people’s salaries depend on the upcoming season. The industry itself supports several thousands of lives whether it is a cameraman or players.

Many people wait all week for their team to play, giving a blue collar working man something to look forward to. So, before anyone declares that the sport itself is only a game, think again. The sport supplies billions of dollars into the economy, equips several thousands of people with secure income and most important of all has become one of the biggest suppliers of entertainment throughout the country.

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