Hey I just met you… Online?

I remember a day when online dating sites were not very popular. The sites were looked down upon and seen as desperate or rather a place you went to find a one night stand and less of a soul mate. But has this all changed? Are dating websites now a completely acceptable trend that many seem to be catching onto around the globe? it seems so…

Online dating within the past few years has started to take on a modern phenomenon sort of effect. Everyone is trying it! No longer is the mystery dating looked at as risky or dangerous but smart and sensible. When it comes to ladies trying to meet their white knights or men trying to find the next girl of their dreams, dating sites are now the place to start looking. The old fashion routine of getting dressed up and going out with your best girlfriends in hopes that a handsome man will offer to buy you a Cosmo and scoop you up is no longer! Now a days, it is completely ok to log on, update your profile with all your descriptive physical details (give or take a few wrinkles or pounds) and interest, submit and cross your fingers for a non creep to send a cute message your way!

As great as this all seems that we are becoming so comfortable with the online meet and greets, does this mean that the modern day of dating, like actual face to face good old fashion dating, may be a thing of the past? It is very possible.

Since these online accounts have become so popular and used so often by so many, the trend is beginning to catch on a spread like the zombie plague in the movies. No longer is it a sure tweak of the eyes when you admit the new guy your dating is from the internet, no longer is it an automatic chuckle when you admit you may be in love with your pen pal who you’ve never met before. No. Now its almost expected and dating as we knew it seems like a dying act.

I for one, couldn’t imagine saying that I met the love of my life through cyber space. However with the vast growing numbers, I am going to have to agree to disagree and guess that you can knock it till you try it.

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