Hidden Camera Reveals Hidden Romney

This week a new video has gone viral on the internet. Although not quite as popular as ‘Gangnam Style,’ it’s equally as farfetched, and as much as you hope it’s a joke, it continues to be legitimate. This week, Mitt Romney is shown in a $50k a plate fund raising dinner, speaking about his plans for winning the presidency in 2012. Everything about this seems perfectly kosher until you actually listen to the words he is saying. As a republican myself, I am becoming less and less motivated for my party’s candidate, much less vote at all.

Romney’s response to the tape was attrocious. Never once did he apologize for the things he said, nor did he even claim responsibility for his actions. Instead, he asked for the entire tape to be released, which it has, and as a result things are going from bad to worse. On top of his comments about ‘The 47%,’ his comments about Iran’s nuclear program and making ‘dirty bombs’ was a complete shot in the dark to where his understanding of nuclear warfare and our foreign policy should be.

In his comments about the 47% he made statements about the fact that this percentage of people in america are those dependent on the US government for necessities such as food and shelter, and essentially that their votes don’t count. He says we should focus on the 53% that is both, the majority, and not dependent on government programs. This would include individuals on welfare, medicare, medicaid, the elderly, the jobless, and all individuals making less than $20k per year. Bad move Mitt.

As for the ‘dirty bomb’ comments, Romney clearly misses the fact that a dirty bomb is simply radioactive, not nuclear. If he thinks ‘dirty bombs’ are the only threats coming out of a nuclear program from Iran, he is sorely mistaken, and will not win this election.

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