Highest risk for Amazon is the steadiness and risk their taking by keeping same rate.

Amazon, Roku, Google, Apple have their own online services for consumers so they can watch different apps/digital content from different companies like youtube, netflix, hulu, NBC, HBO Go etc.  No matter what they name it- Fire stick,  Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku; They’re competing for stream domination. As consumers continue to cut cable from their every day life, companies are finding different methods to reach them.

Keeping the price the same for their product can be dangerous because people’s perception of Firestick can be assumed as  lesser quality. Although I’ve used Amazon product once, it was an overall positive experience.  Combining and convenience of other amazon products/services (like the kindle) will provide amazon a better reach for consumers. Now that’s only if the firestick is successful.

Personally, I love Roku (competition) because I’m able to access multiple apps unlike other platform like firestick and Chromecast that doesn’t have certain apps due to legal purposes. (Like Netflix). Apple recently raised the prices for apple TV from $100 to $150 for the same services unlike Amazon kept their rate for $40. The additional feature I’m intrigued is the Amazon controller that combines gamer with every day usage.

Being able to access certain movies, TV shows, games and other Amazon/affiliates products is positive aspect, especially when Amazon bought Twitch. (gaming company). By consumers realizing cutting cable due to on-demand consumption, amazon continues to grow their library of products to give to their customers; especially, when the product of firestick is cheaper than Apple TV. No matter which direction/products/services Amazon provide in the future, consumers will always see Amazon as an option because of their reputation.

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