Homecoming Parade Gone Wrong; Four Dead, Dozens Injured.

Deadly crash turns Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade into a horrifying massacre; four dead and forty-seven injured. Twenty-five year old Adacia Chambers is the woman responsible for such tragedy. Chambers is being held with DUI (Driving under the Influence) and second-degree murder charges (facing four murder charges). As the annual traditional homecoming parade was taking place, Adacia lost control of her vehicle and abruptly interrupted the parade in a grey car hitting a police motorcycle first and then slamming into the crowd of screaming parade goers.

Witnesses say bodies flew thirty feet into the air and the parade turned into a complete chaos. While the pandemonium continued one of the parade goers held Adacia down before police could hand cough her making sure she did not get away from such a crime. The district attorney says Chambers was on drugs, but her attorney says she is mentally ill. No one can fully determine the situation until the toxicology results come in. Adacia ended up killing 65 year old Marvin Stone and his wife Bonnie Stone, 23 year old student Nakita Nakal, and two year old Nash Lucas.

The Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade attracts thousands of families and alumni every year; however, the Stillwater community is extremely devastated by the events and perhaps this incident might end the traditional parade. The school’s president is in complete shock and hopes that those eight victims that are severely injured in the hospital make it out alive. The school still had their homecoming football game as scheduled and had a moment of silence as respect for those who died.

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