How Is the iPhone 5s Different Than the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5s came out this past week on September 20th. The biggest attraction for people to buy the new phone, other than the hype of just having it, is the new colors. The new colors of the iPhone 5s include silver, space gray, and of course gold. The iPhone 5, which came out last year, only came in the basic black and white colors. That is the only physical difference between these two models because the phones have the same slim form factor and design. The iPhone 5c came out the same day as the 5s as a cheaper alternative and comes in many colors and is slightly thicker.

As for the inside of the phone there have been a few slight changes. The most recognizable change is the fingerprint sensor that allows identification of a fingerprint to access the phone. This can be used as replacement to a password or pass code. Some other differences include battery life, system chip and camera. The battery life has been lengthened for when using 3G or 4G service. There is a new A7 system chip that will allow the phone to operate faster and more smoothly. The camera has also been upgraded a little with a better zoom, and burst mode camera that other android phones use. The camcorder is now a better form of HD video that will look make it look clearer. For the most part the iPhone 5s has not been too much of an upgrade from the iPhone 5, but there are these slight changes that make it a little better.

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