How Safe Are You On The Internet?

With so many people now connected to the internet 24/7, it brings up the question of, how safe are you on the internet? Now, it’s not just the internet itself on your computer, but everything that requires an internet connection. That includes, your cell phone, TV, tablet, anything that requires to be connected to the internet. People do not realize how much they need to protect themselves when it comes to using these devices. For example, Facebook, so many people post what they are doing when, where, and with who. Now, this gives an opportunity for someone to come burglarize your house when you are gone. And it was all because you tagged yourself at the mall with your friend! Also, people need to be careful where they use their devices. If you are on your laptop in a public wifi area you need to be careful what you are doing. For instance, you should use caution when using your credit card online with an untrusted wifi because a hacker could be waiting for you to steal your information. Another thing to think about when on the internet is password protection. With all the apps out there that store your personal information like credit card, address, bank account info, etc. people need to be aware that someone can pick up that phone and have all that information easily all in one device. Internet users of all kinds of devices need to be more aware of what they are doing on the internet. With the invention of newer technology, the criminals get smarter on how to steal your information.

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