How thick is the line on what is too much to post on social media?

I realize that I said social media, but for this I am going to focus on “Facebook”.  A lot of people don’t watch what they say and do not realize that it can bite them in the butt later on. Many people do not have any filter when it comes to posting things online. Especially when it comes to careers. These days many employers use social media as a tool to find out about there employees or prospects. With that being said it is unreal that people still continue to post absurd things ranging from photos, to statuses, to videos. I do understand that there are privacy settings and that not everyone can see, but the way that technology is these days, there are so many loopholes. People just don’t understand the consequences that can be had, such as losing a job. Social media is a very risky thing to begin with, but gets even more risky when personal information is involved. Especially when politics get in the mix. I know that seems like a subject change, but politics and social media really go hand in hand.  People bring politics into social media in many different ways. One good way is through groups so that people of the same liking can have conversations. A bad way that social media can bring in politics is when they bash others that do not believe the same as them. All in all social media is a very scary thing  at times and people just need to be more careful when it comes to posting personal information.

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