How to have fun and stay in shape!

Staying in shape does not have to consist of becoming a member at a gym that you may or may not attend. Going to the gym can be a scary experience for some people, whether it is not knowing how to use the equipment or by being around people who are in better shape. Staying in shape does not have to be a chore where you dread doing it. Yes, staying in shape does take time, it can be exhausting, but the overall results will enhance your self-esteem, health, body, mind and soul. I know it can be hard to find the motivation and the time to start exercising, trust me I know. We all have busy lives. But give yourself a chance and start taking baby steps towards a healthier happier you.

So, as I mentioned before you do not have to go to a gym to get in shape. You also do not have to run outside for miles on the hard concrete causing damage to your knees. According to Marcus Scott from, “One of the most common negative effects experienced by runners is joint pain… The pain is caused by the repeated motion and impact on the joints from striding, irritating the cartilage within the joints, sometimes even tearing or wearing it down.”


There are many ways to stay in shape that can be fun and safe on your body. What has helped others and me is finding a sport or an activity that interests you. For instance, kayaking is a great way for an upper-body workout.  You are working your abdominals and arms by paddling the kayak in the river, lake, or ocean. Not only are you getting a great workout, but you can enjoy nature and meet others who enjoy this sport too.

Say kayaking is not your thing. There are other sports like tennis, basketball, softball, or golf that can be fun and you will get a great workout. Instead of paying a monthly membership to join a gym you can find a club with people who have the same interests as you do.

Another activity that has helped me stay in shape are workout DVDs. I finally broke down and borrowed some from a friend of mine. I really did not think they were going to work or that I would even like them, but I do. I save so much time and money by staying at home to do these workouts.

Maybe sports or home workout DVDs is not your thing either. There are other fun ways to workout for example, Zumba, hip-hop, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing are just as fun and you get the workout you need. I love attending all of these types of classes. I thought to get in shape you had to run or workout in a gym with weights, but I was wrong. With all of these types of classes there are certain movements that tone the muscles plus there is the cardio aspect too.

One thing to remember while you are on this journey to become fit is to watch what you eat. You can workout all you want but if you eat junk food your health condition is going to go down and you probably will not see the results you want. The same principle applies if you eat healthy, but do not workout you probable are not going to lose the weight you want. It is important to do everything in moderation. Try to find a balance with exercising and eating healthy.

So, get rid of the excuses that keep preventing you from becoming the person you want to be and find your sport.


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