How To Survive Finals Week 2013

Yesterday while looking at my planner, I realized that I only have one more class. ONE. MORE. CLASS. Then I’d be home free. My excitement quickly turned into uber excitement when I realized that next week was Thanksgiving break. My uber excitement then turned into sadness when i realized after Thanksgiving break the oh so dreadful finals week would be around the corner, waiting for me. Fortunately for me I only have three finals and they are all pretty spread out throughout the week, I know everyone isn’t so lucky so here are a few tips and trick to reduce stress during finals week

Find time to treat yourself to a coffee or tea in an environment that isn’t stressful. Next, spend a few minutes just to relax! this will give your body some time to recharge. On your study breaks try doing something fun to give you more energy and relax your brain. Lastly try making a list of things that you have to do. For people like myself, making a list and being able to cross things off the list shows my progress and that I’m actually getting things done. Don’t forget to eat and try to get some sleep!!! It’ll be over soon. Good luck to everyone on their finals!

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