Hunger in America

Hunger is a hugely, overlooked issue in American society. This is an  epidemic facing America right now. 1 in 6 Americans face hunger, that is a scary number. The impact of hunger is not only affecting the homeless, but everyday working citizens from across the country. Children and the elderly are especially at risk for their physical and mental health; i.e., weaken immune systems and an increase of other  illnesses.

Children are vital to our future and without proper nutrition, the effects could be enormous. This could mean long-term consequences on our children like a weakened immune system or falling behind in their academics. Which is consequently the future of our country. The elderly have unique needs and face different challenges compared to the general population. Which means we have to take a deeper look into what we can do to help the elderly community. African Americans are unevenly affected by food insecurities, poverty, and unemployment. Yet, Whites and Latinos are more likely to be on SNAP(food stamps). As you can see, hunger is a problem in every community; America must take the needs of our citizens seriously. We are in dire need of change and must advocate to make a difference.

It is imperative that the American people keep advocating for congress to keep anti-hunger programs present in our country. By pressing congress to pass bills, we can strengthen the anti-hunger programs and lead our nation into a hunger-free country.


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