I believe DeSean Jackson should have signed with the Carolina Panthers. What are your thoughts?

It was only a matter of time as for where the Pro-Bowl receiver would end up playing. Many people thought  he would go to a team such as the Carolina Panthers because they have some inexperienced receivers on their roster. CBSSports.com reported around 8:38 a.m. this morning that DeSean Jackson agreed to a 3-year, $24million dollar contract that included $16 million guaranteed. Some people around the world say that this is a no brainer for the six foot speedster whose former team was the Philadelphia Eagles. In my opinion, I believe he should’ve signed with the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are in need of receivers and lack experience when it comes to the receivers corps. The receivers that Carolina currently has on their roster are Toney Clemons, Jerricho Cotchery, Tiquan Underwood, and Kealoha Pilares. Some of these receivers that Carolina has either hasn’t caught their first ball yet or they don’t have any game experience at all. The only receiver that could be relied on if there was a game tonight is Jerricho Cotchery. Having DeSean Jackson would give Carolina some more experience at wide receiver as well as veteran leadership.

Jackson would get the football thrown his way a lot because he’s a play maker. Not only that, the Panthers finished the season 12-4 last year and are seeking to win a Superbowl. Head coach Ron Rivera of the Carolina Panthers has did a tremendous job bringing in players he wanted and coaching them up to play at their highest level. The Panthers already have a solid quarterback in Cam Newton, and he’s proved himself to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. If DeSean Jackson signed with the Panthers, I feel he would’ve enjoyed playing for them.

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