Indoctrination vs. Autonomy

Rick Santorum’s radical zealot ideals worry me tremendously. He ardently believes that his religion is paramount, recently over any other issues (even over this election’s biggest issue-the economy).  He has digressed from any pertinent issues about our current economic climate. It seems his only priority is to denigrate and vilify contraception and proclaim that separation of church and state is frivolous. This is a concept cemented in the constitution! Rick Santorum was quoted saying that John F. Kennedy’s speech, encouraging a strong separation of church and state, “made him want to throw-up”. This is insane; someone like this cannot be elected. All this religious propaganda will serve him well throughout the primary, but he will lose against Obama in November

I think it is safe to say that the general climate of America’s youth is one of a liberal mind set, among many other things. America’s youth are advocates of freedoms and free thinking, which is actually hypocrisy at its finest in the sense that it is essentially fashionable and cool to vote for a Democrat (Obama), but the party itself stifles all free thinking and autonomy (ObamaCare, disregard for separation of church and state, more government etc). What scares me the most though is that the conservative counterpart, at the moment Santorum, also stifles autonomy. According to New York Times author Frank Bruni in his article “It’s a College, not a Cloister”, Rick Santorum views colleges as “indoctrination mills”. He thinks that colleges only challenge and disrupt family values, read, universities make students exert themselves and challenge those beliefs dictated to them from around the dinner table. But shouldn’t Mr. Santorum have enough courage of conviction in what he has taught his children that if their religious beliefs are genuine and earned they will prevail? Evidently not…this is evident through Mr. and Mrs.  Santorum’s decision to home school all seven of their children. “Is that really good parenting? The likelihood is already strong, when you rear kids, that you’ll turn out rough copies of yourself, whether you mean to or not. Home schooling is like firing up a Xerox machine to seal the deal” (Bruni). This quote is hilarious and so true! I am not saying that home schooling is a bad thing. It is a tremendous investment of time on the parent’s behalf for their children, and can be very effective if done correctly. All in all, through his radical beliefs, Rick Santorum is a dangerous GOP candidate that with enough power could develop into something only slightly less egregious than Obama.

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