Internet for Advertising

Before, most advertisements use to come from Radio ads, television, print media such as magazines, newspapers, journal subscriptions, and other different methods. Now it seems as if we’re transitioning towards putting advertisements on the world wide web. If you think about it, what other way is better than to reach our population today? Internet is our future and advertisers better understand this idea and learn to develop different methods with it in order to compete with other businesses.

To start, here is a trick. Pull out your iPhone or regular cell phone and open up an app. Lets say, Angry Birds or Facebook. Even on apps you are a hostage against ads. People place banners, videos, and other things on apps to reach their targets. On the internet via your computer, log on to Facebook or media blog websites. On there, you can see rectangles on the left of your page with certain ads that pertain JUST to you.

What is interesting is that the internet can track demographics and people who use it. There are peak times with the internet just like radio and television. If you wanted to reach 16 year old kids on a new cell phone, you could easily relay the message to them. Believe it or not, Internet is probably the most convenient way to reach out to people. I brand myself as a DJ on the internet and it is making life more easy.

If you haven’t gotten with the program, watch and see. The company Pinterest is probably going to emerge to be one of the most successful advertising social media.When it comes to technology, the Internet is here to stay and grow.

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