Internship Process Nightmare

Ever since I started college as an undergraduate, I knew the possibility of me having to get an internship was a very, very real one…but what I have come to realize is that it is a truly, absolutely, positively, but of course relatively, the most stressful processes I have been through in my young life. Remember, I said relatively. I am aware there are worse things out there.

Putting aside the fact that most internships, especially the ones the everyday dedicated student will end up getting, is unpaid, the process of actually getting an internship on your own is something I will not forget and hope that in the future, better “helping” sites will come out and maybe even a more involved department at schools that do more to help get a decent internship would be appreciated.

All in all, I’ve been quite lucky finding internships on my own but the part of the process that really fries my rice is how it seems that most companies can care less about getting back to you at a decent time. At my current internship, we were given a specific date on when we would hear back from them regarding a decision and the coordinator of the internship program flat out said, after half of the internship was over, that she simply forgot.

If I ever find myself in a position with me being in charge of interns or lending advice, I have quite a lot of things to say.

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