Invisibility May be Possible in the Near Future

The last decade has seen a surge of superhero movies. Starting back with the X-Men and Batman movies, the focus of films has rarely if ever had the same level of intense focus on one genre. It is easy to understand why this is, however. People love superheroes. The struggle of good and evil, the action, the secret double life, people are fascinated by all of it. There is one thing about superheroes and their movies that really captures the imagination of fans: the super powers. Every superhero, save Batman, has at least one super power that sets them apart from everyone else and gives them the ability to fight crime. People want to have these powers, although for the most part they recognize that these powers are purely a work of fiction. One of these powers, however, is looking like it might become a real life technology, and it looks like it may happen in the next few years. This is the power of invisibility.

Scientists have been experiment with ways to bend light around an object so that in cannot be seen. Up until this point, they have had success in many smaller ways, bending certain spectrum of light and only working on a small object. Scientists in the United States and Canada, however, are confident that in the next few years we will see the invisibilty technology develop and be perfected.

While the thought of running around invisibly as a superhero may seem like the dream of many, scientists are still years away from making this happen. They are getting closer, however, and one day in the next few years, the technology will change society forever.

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