iPad 3 Concepts

Rumors have been swirling for months and months about the next iPad’s supposed specs and rumored release date. On February 28, Apple issued invitations to an iPad-themed event on March 7. We don’t know for sure that we’ll see a new iPad on that day, but the chances seem pretty high that we will.

For now, all we have are unconfirmed speculation about what the next iPad will look like and what kind of features it will offer. Rumor has it that the device will sport an ultra high-res Retina Display (2,048×1,536 pixels), a beefier internal components and possibly even 4G connectivity. As for its design, the device may get only minor cosmetic changes and could appear very similar to the iPad 2. But since we won’t know for another week, we can still let our imaginations run wild.

While you’re biting your nails in anticipation of March 7, join us for a romp through the world of gorgeous (yet mostly implausible) ‘iPad 3’ designs. Flick through the slideshow to view some of the best concepts from around the web, and let us know what you think the next iPad will look like. Then, check out some awesome (albeit fictional) designs for the ‘iPhone 5.’



Of course, much of this is speculation. I have never been much of an iPad user, but both of my parents are. I know Apple is going to go a long ways in the sense of technology. Do you think any of these designs are immediately in Apple’s future?

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